Friday, 9 September 2011


Well, it has been a great experience and tons of fun, but the project is now finished. There are some people that need to be acknowledged. Big thanks go out to:

Steve Stewart and the staff of Stewart Brewing, for giving us this opportunity and working with us every step of the way

Dr. David Quain for seeing the value in this project and mentoring us through it all

Fellow classmate of the ICBD 2011 for giving us great support and drinking lots of the beer!

Graham McKernan for his help with test batches, and the professors of the ICBD

Chris Mair for his enthusiasm and excellent advice, as well as the whole Black Isle crew!

Real Ale Guide, Mark Dredge, Kenny the beer monkey, Beercast, and all the beer writers that picked up our story

The publicans and retailers that took a chance on our humble beer

And everyone who came out to the launch, or chased the beer around Edinburgh to find it in
cask, or bought T-shirts, or supported us in any way

And many more of you! Thanks again and cheers!

- the Natural Selection Brewing project team