Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Snozberry? Who ever heard of a Snozberry?!

The big day for Natural Selection Brewing has almost arrived, tomorrow, Wednesday 11th July, we finally launch Anorak at the Stockbridge Tap!

From 7pm you will be able to try Anorak for yourself from keg, cask and bottle. We think it's tasting great and look forward to hearing what you think of it! The only other place you will be able to try the kegged version of Anorak will be in London on 16th July at The Rake

We also have a special one-of-a-kind cask of Snozberry Anorak that will only be available at the launch night. This cask has been packed full of fresh snozberries which Willy Wonka has assured us will complement the refreshing characteristics of Anorak with a delicious fruity flavour and aroma, never before seen in a Scottish beer.

Team Anorak: L-R Denis Johnstone, Shane O'Beirne, Kristen Ewer & John Woodford
Front: Steve Stewart MD of Stewart Brewing, mentor and supporter of NSB.

Photo by Douglas McBride.

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