Thursday, 23 June 2011

but.... what actually is 'Natural Selection Brewing'?

Many of you visiting this blog are undoubtedly still confused about what you are looking at. I bet some of you are wondering 'what is Natural Selection Brewing?' Well, we have a very interesting story to tell you about how we came to be, who we are, more about what we are doing, and our plans for the future...


unfortunately we cannot divulge too much information at this time! Not until after the strategically timed publishing of our press release.

I will, however, give you some bare-bones information about us to alleviate any confusion:
- Natural Selection Brewing is a unique Master's Thesis project by 4 MSc Brewing and Distilling Students from Heriot-Watt University.
- The project is worked in a partnership with an award winning Edinburgh brewery to create a student designed subsidiary brand and accompanying beer style/product, to be launched Summer 2011 predominantly to the Edinburgh public.

We are not just hopeful, but confident that our brew will turn some heads when it hits pubs and stores, only a few weeks away now!

- There will be more information to come on the project itself as well as the students involved in it, but for now at least you have some idea of what Natural Selection Brewing is about.

Kevin Emms
Project Manager

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