Thursday, 9 June 2011

the drip drip before the flood (of beer)

Natural Selection Brewing now has a blog!
This is for those of you that actually want to read more than a twitter update! Bahh... imagine!

Now I can't say too much at this point but I wanted to get this blog started. There are going to be lots of updates, and lots of things to talk about in the upcoming days/weeks, so keep an eye on this page when you can! We are intending to release more information and more pictures, artwork, etc gradually (drip drip effect) to help build the momentum around our project on the run up to release. It was time to put this blog up because, well... a lot is about to happen!

STAY TUNED! And, I hope you feel a thirst coming on...

- Kevin Emms
(Natural Selection Brewing, Project Manager)

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