Friday, 27 April 2012

Q. How do you confuse an American?

A. Suggest Anorak as a name for your beer

We thought that Kristen and John would know what an anorak is, as it only has six letters and they like using simple words in America.

When John came to Scotland in September he started reading the dictionary to learn a new word every day. He hoped this would give him something to impress the Scottish women with, as rambling on about beer didn't seem to be working. By March he had nearly reached the end of the letter A. Needless to say we were tired hearing about aardvarks, antelopes, alligators, alpacas and antidisestablishmentarianism. He seemed to be drawn towards animals and anarchy.

1.6 million years ago man discovered fire. In 1492, Columbus discovered America. In 1985, Brown discovered the flux capacitor. At 11.23am on Tuesday March 27th, John Woodford discovered the word anorak.

John put his pants back on and phoned the rest of the team, declaring a name had been found. The team agreed that the word was with John. And the word was good. And so it is.

An anorak isn't simply a functional piece of outerwear for those inconvenient Scottish summers. It is also a person with a very strong interest in a niche subject, such as John's unhealthy wolf obsession.

Most importantly, ANORAK is the new beer from Natural Selection Brewing, launching July 2012.    

Hide your wives, hide your daughters, he's learned a new word


  1. Funny stuff word that tripped up this American when I moved here...Duvet.

    Great project, have fun!


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