Sunday, 13 May 2012

Anorak Design Submissions

It's important to know what your strengths are, and we know graphic design isn't one of ours.  We are, however, shit-hot at making beer (sorry for the language, John's grandma). We try not to brag, but our bartering skills have exceeded expectations - we traded beer for our new design!  Cool, huh?

A few weeks ago we posted an appeal for graphic designers to send in ideas for Anorak in return for some of our prototype brews.  We were overwhelmed by the variety, creativity and quality of designs that we received. 

We will soon post a blog dedicated to our chosen design by Abbie Macpherson, but first we wanted to showcase the many fantastic designs we received. We were very impressed by them all.  All the designers are receiving a prototype bottle of Anorak as a small token of our appreciation.  Special thank you to David Wilson for supporting the students at Edinburgh's Telford College with their submissions.  

A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who submitted a design!  We hope to see you all at our launch in July.

If anyone else has any other services they'd like to swap for beer, feel free to get in touch.

Kenneth Gray

Aaron Monday 

Gavin J Dunbar

Alastair Miller

Rebecca Westwood

Andrew Palfreyman

Calum Mackinnon

Cameron Stewart

Emil Blums - Blumanis

Jocelyn Kornfeld

Marc Smith

Ryan Allan

Stephen McCann

Aritha Dornau

Matt Johnson

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