Friday, 15 June 2012

Abbie Macpherson at Dovecot Studios until June 17th

Abbie Macpherson, the graphic designer behind Anorak, is currently part of an exhibition at the Dovecot Studios, where graduating students from Telford College are showcasing their work.

For her graded unit Abbie chose to develop an entire marketing campaign based on Anorak,  taking Anorak way beyond our original design brief.  We are thrilled with the array of professional marketing materials that Abbie has produced.  Abbie really is making a name for herself in the drinks industry - please form an orderly queue, we found her first!

The exhibition finishes on the 17th of June, be sure to get along before then to see Abbie's stunning designs and the rest of the work from the students at Telford College.
The full marketing campaign - photo really doesn't do it justice!

We hope to get some of these posters produced soon.

Mmm.. Anorak

A 4-pack of Anorak

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