Friday, 8 July 2011

N.S.B. T-Shirts

We at Natural Selection Brewing would like a little piece of wearable memorabilia to have to commemorate this great experience. We know that we have lots of friends and family that might like to get in on the order as well, so here is your chance!
(this is a close approximation of how the final shirts will look. Click to enlarge)

- send an email to, with the subject T-SHIRTS
- please list the sizes (Men's sizes only unfortunately!) and quantity you would like

THIS IS NOT MERCHANDISE, this is memorabilia, so we will not be looking to turn a profit. As such, the cost of the individual shirts will be determined by the size of the order (as the company provides a volume discount). Still, you can assume that the shirts will be less than £12 each

DO NOT place an order unless you will be able to collect, and you can pay the group members electronically or pay cash.

People in Edinburgh/Scotland will be able to collect their shirts at or after our launch event if they contact the group members or make arrangements in the order email.
People from Oban can have their shirts delivered by Steven Kersley.
People from North America need to make specific arrangements with their friend/family in the project group.

Deadline for orders is 11am on Tuesday, the 12th of July, so don't delay!

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