Sunday, 17 July 2011

Steven's Bio

Troops, how’s form with you?  I’ll give this bio craic a shot.  I’m Steven and I’m the Sales and Marketing man for Natural Selection Brewing.    I’m from the wee town of Oban on the west coast of Scotland and have been living in the capital for the past year completing my MSc in Brewing and Distilling at Heriot Watt Uni.

Before being accepted onto the course I studied chemistry at Glasgow University but my passion has always been centred around the alcohol industry.  This I learnt soon after my first year at university when I managed to land a great wee job at the Oban distillery as a tour guide for the summer.  I immediately became very interested with distilling and was keen to get myself involved with the alcohol industry when I left university.  I worked at the distillery for 3 summers and on leaving Glasgow Uni I got myself over to Edinburgh and began the Masters course. 

Now I’ll be honest, at the start of this course the old beer knowledge was fairly lacking.  I was able to draw on similarities from the distilling process but all the intricate details I had no clue about and whilst recognising a good beer I still hadn’t experienced a full range of different styles....Well things have changed big time on that front and with the help from my pals at Heriot Watt I’ve become well versed in all different types of beer and to be honest it’s been an absolute treat.   What’s more is that as I’ve been getting to grips with numerous types of beers I’ve also been learning all about them in the classroom, not the worst situation you’ll find yourself in.

So Natural Selection Brewing and our Finch robust red ale has become my focus over the past few months and with the launch so close we’re all very excited.  I’m going to take huge amounts of experience from this business venture and I’ll hopefully be able to put that to good use in the very near future.  

My plans after we get all the Finch out of the door is to get a wee job in either the distilling or brewing industry and I can honestly say I'm not fussed which one anymore.  I always thought myself as a distiller but that firm belief has been knocked down a few pegs and now I can't wait to get stuck into any area of the drinks industry. 

slàinte mhath

All the best,

Steven Kersley

Sales and Marketing

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